I am happy, and you must know it.

I am happy because I have discovered a new purpose in life.
And no, it’s not the serious, philosophical kind that will supposedly enlighten the lives of millions or billions. Or eve trillions.

The new purpose of my life is to write. Nothing dramatic. Just my usual rants and raves. Boring? Perhaps. But here’s the good part: i get to make it look pretty and cute and all manner of adorableness because guess what? I’m happy and I don’t give a rat’s ass about what other people might think. Heehee.

I am happy, but I also have a class to attend. And a shower to take. And proper clothes to wear (picture me clutching my pj’s to my chest, sobbing).  And a university to go to. And a midterm paper to submit. Which is woefully under-limit. Or whatever the correct word is for ‘I was supposed to write 1500-2000 words but the topic was so boring and the internet had only ONE source to cite so I only managed to write a 1000 words even though i always always ALWAYS go beyond the given word limit but this time i just don’t care because I’m happy’.


Sad life. Even if i AM happy.


procrastination shall be done…later.

I’m supposed to be writing a term paper in lieu of a midterm for one of my courses. Incidentally, the paper was due last week. But then, what is more important, submitting a boring term paper, or finally meeting a certain someone after months and months and months? Okay, just the one month, but still. Priorities, priorities.

ANYWAY. I’m done with half of the word count. The other half refuses, downright says NO, to transfer itself into my brain.So my brain is comfortably blank, but my fingers need some activity (otherwise they start attaching themselves to food of all sorts and somehow forcing that food into my mouth, even though the mouth tries to say no but then the nose sort of starts feeling a bit miffed because it feels as if it has failed at its job…) so what else can I do but this?

Shall I try persuading (read:on my knees, begging) the remaining word count to find its way towards my brain? Because there’s that certain someone who keeps nagging me to get done with my work and talk to them.

Lemme go have a word with those stupid 1000-words.

if only these alphabets could form themselves into words and then arrange themselves into my term paper *sigh*

if only these alphabets could form themselves into words and then arrange themselves into my term paper *sigh*


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