Bundle of Cuteness? Yep, that’s her.

You know when there’s this person that you come across that you think is completely wonderful in every possible way imaginable, and you just want to spend your life with them doing all the awesome things that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but just wanted that P-E-R-F-E-C-T partner to do those things with?

Yeah, well. I met that person. And no, this is no recent incident that I’m talking about. It happened forever ago and it’s taken me this long to write about it because I’ve only just realized that they’re THAT person. Oh, and also because I’ve only just started this whole blogging malarkey, heehee.

If you’re wondering who that person is, wonder no more. I am about to disclose this absolutely earth-shattering (not) news in…three seconds…two…right now: it’s my Auntay Auntayyyyy. Who is she? She’s my oldest best friend’s mom. And no, it’s not creepy. Even though there times when I do sort of, kinda, think that if it wasn’t for that Certain Someone, I would totally totally marry Auntayy. I mean, really. She’s just perfect! For one, she cooks the yummiest biryani, and that in itself is enough to make anyone want to get down on their knees and propose. But then there are a billion other amazing things about her that make her just so adorable that you just wanna diiiiie. Like, my mom, for instance, is interested in my artsy craftsy stuff and she might even be encouraging at times. But that’s as far as it goes. And then there’s Auntayy. She is just the sweetest person to have around when you’re being crafty. She’s all excited and super interested and is running around trying to get us the stuff that we might need and coming up with her own ideas wherever we get stuck and it just gets too cute for words. At least, you know, for me ^^ And it’s not like she is only interested in the crafts that we do. She does plenty on her own! Only very recently, she made this CUTEST quilt for her grand-niece. She sewed together, like, four different kinds of cloth in a crisscross pattern or something and it turned out to be so cuuute because she cut out a Tweety Bird from one of her daughters’ old bedspreads and stuck it on the quilt and everything and it was so pretty that I wanted to have a baby right then and there. Okay, I admit, that was a bit creepy. Just a little bit.



OH, BUT THE BEST PART? She’s, like the best ever shopping buddy I could ever have, like, in a million gazillion years. Even the Certain Someone sort of gets exasperated and bored and starts to drag me away from the stuff and makes that face which says OMG STOP EMBARASSING ME. But Auntayyy, she likes to buy everything that I do!! Like, the other day, she went out and bought ice cube trays. Only they weren’t any ordinary ice cube trays. Or even ice cube trays, for that matter. She bought – and I kid you not – ice SPHERE trays which are THE most adorable things I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. And I’m not exaggerating. Promise. Cross my heart and swear to die. I mean, c’mon, who wants boring ol’ ice cubes when you can get little ice balls which look exactly like lollipops. Without the sticks, of course.

ice-balls. (pun unintended *ahem*)

(pun unintended *ahem*)

And another day, she went out and bought the funkiest place mats for her dining table. Only guess what she did with them? She hung them up on the wall, and they made such amazing wall hangings, that I just wanted to put my arms around her and weep till she agreed to marry me, or at least adopt me as her third daughter.  And then she has all those amazing crafts ideas which are SO MUCH FUN and and and *crumples into a big heap on the floor trying to express everything but failing to find the right words*

Okay, so she is a bit, you know, particular and sort of over-protective. Like, she wouldn’t let us travel in public transport alone. And she used to have this thing about being too close (literally and otherwise) to friends of the opposite sex. But then, that are moms for you. I mean, it’s practically a part of the job description, to worry and fret and be paranoid about everything. And to be fair, she’s mellowed down quite a bit, if her acceptance of #riseofthelazies’ The One is anything to go by.

Oh, and did I mention this other check-pinchingly cute thing about her? She CRUSHES ON THIS TOTALLY HOT ACTOR AND IS COMPLETELY ADORABLE ABOUT IT. So, me and #riseofthelazies went t McDonald’s and there were these papers on the trays that they serve in? You know, sort of like a promotional adverts-y paper that covers their trays? Yeah, so that paper happened to be a McDonald’s ad which had that hot dude in it and obviously, #riseofthelazies took it home for her mom, and GUESS WHAT SHE DID WITH IT? She put it up on the fridge in her kitchen. Yes, she did.

he's hotter than it seems in this picture, I promise you.

he’s hotter than it seems in this picture, I promise you.

Let’s just say that she is a bundle of cuteness. From the way she serves tea in this formal manner even though it’s just me and not any fussy formal guest, to the way she chops her carrots when she’s cooking Chinese (SHE DOESN’T JUST CHOP THEM IN ROUND CIRCLES BUT ACTUALLY CHOPS THEM IN THIS SQUIGGLY SHAPE WHICH A CROSS BETWEEN A FLOWER AND A WHEEL AND OMG DON’T YOU JUST LOVE HER??)


If the Certain Someone had half these quirky qualities, I’d point a gun at them and force them to marry me NOW.

Well, if had a gun I would point it at Certain Someone and force them to marry me right now anyway, quirky qualities or not. Because, let’s face it: you gotta do what you gotta do.


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