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Hello all!

With great trepidation, I announce the birth of my brand new Facebook page, The Splotchy Palette.

Here’s a few things you should know about it:

– It came about after years of planning, hesitation, encouragement from all and sundry, and a whole lot of procrastination.
– It is essentially an outlet for all my tiny little crafty explosions
– But mostly it includes my very recent attempts at painting
– It is in need of your support, so please head over to to Like and Share the page with your friends!  🙂


November 22 is National Cashew Day

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Here are today’s five thing to know about Cashew:

  1. Pistachio, mango, cashew and poison ivy are in the same family.
  2. Cashews are native to Costa Rica and most of Central America.
  3. The fresh cashew nut has a substance inside that produce a highly valuable, and highly toxic product known as Cashew Nut Shell Liquid or CNSL.
  4. Cashews in Costa Rica are harvested during March and April.
  5. A freshly picked cashew nut is highly flammable and can even be explosive.


Today’s Pinterest Board : Foodimentary


Today’s Food History

  • 1808 Thomas Cook was born. In 1841 Cook hired a special excursion train between Leicester and Loughborough in England for a temperance meeting. The beginning of Thomas Cook & Son, the worldwide travel agency.
  • 1862 Dr. Alexander P. Anderson was born. He developed Puffed Rice in NYC in 1902, which was introduced to the world at the St. Louis World’s Fair…

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Stubborn Little Fuckers.


They say that old habits die hard. This might be true, but when it comes to old mindsets, changing old habits seems like a piece of cake. Indeed, altering the thinking processes of people is much more difficult than introducing them to some new, better habits. And so, while our society has progressed in leaps and bounds when it comes to technology (if grandparents playing Candy Crush on their iPads, and housemaids using cell phones is any indication), it has remained woefully stubborn to let go of its patriarchic ethos.

Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly? <3

prettiest lady ever, no?

prettiest lady ever, no?

All I want is a room somewhere
Far away from the cold night air
With one enormous chair
Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?

Lots of chocolate for me to eat
Lots of coal makin’ lots of heat
Warm face, warm hands, warm feet
Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly?

Oh, so lovely sittin’ abso-bloomin’-lutely still
I would never budge till spring
Crept over the window sill

Someone’s head restin’ on my knee
Warm and tender as he can be
Who takes good care of me
Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly

That right there spells out my most secret wishes. Sigh.

If you’ve got a spare 3 hours, I strongly recommend you to watch My Fair Lady. If this isn’t the most enjoyable way to kill time, I don’t know what is (well, I do. Modern Family comes close. Or maybe it’s even better. Else I wouldn’t have binge-watched 5 seasons in a row).

Oh, wouldn’t it be loverly if my wishes came true?

Exploding Happiness.

So I’ve been pretty busy lately, what with stupid assignments and classes and presentations. Honestly, it’s like the professors have no life. Anyway, despite being totally swamped with work, I managed to do one thing for myself. It might not mean a whole lot to some people (read, my mom and my sister), but for me, it was a massive accomplishment, one tiny step directed towards my future, and Hugs & Crafts.

Yep, that is the name #riseofthelazies and I have chosen for our future crafty endeavors. ^_^

Okay, back to what I did.

I made a Harry Potter themed Exploding Box. YES I DID! Of course, I went through a whole lot of tutorials at first. Finally found the best one at (don’t you just adore the name?). It was for a friend, who happens to be this absolutely over the top Harry Potter fan – he has the chapter names of all the seven books memorized! – as well as being one of the few admirers of my creative explosions.

Time for the big reveal, folks. I really can’t wait any more than I already have.

1925161_10152816079675499_4040962658009946548_n 10410450_10152816081190499_1605694556687769396_n 10603291_10152816079430499_2070337138822333901_n

So I made the structure first, and then since it was white and I was aiming for a more ‘old paper’ look, i proceeded to dip it into tea (black, no milk, heheheh). And then I wanted to make it less Muggle-ish, so I burnt the edges of the structure AND the Harry Potter pages (the Prisoner of Azkaban). If you’re curious, and/or feeling murderous because I actually ruined my book for this card, then rest assured that I did not. It was a really old, disintegrating copy that the man at this old bookshop fobbed me off with. Guess what, it had pages torn and/or missing in the middle. So it was pretty much useless anyway.

10735795_10152819596005499_1949901755_n 10524962_10152819596140499_1381469561_n 974410_10152819596390499_971707134_n 10524962_10152819596140499_1381469561_n 10726739_10152819595765499_1543509539_n 10726739_10152819595765499_1543509539_n (1)


Oh yes, the Exploding Box explodes into a Quidditch scene. I know I’m being presumptuous and going gaga over my own creation, but, really, how can I not? See adorable little Snitch? And the tiny little broomstick. It’s no Nimbus 2000, but precious all the same. And the goal post loopy thingys. Really, but I do have some nice older-brothers-y cousins. I merely asked them for some flexible wire, and the three of them raided their storage room, found an old electrical wire, stripped it with this tool and a knife, and lo and behold! it copper wires galore! All I had to do was mention that I needed to twist them into loops, and the next thing I knew, the three of them were making little loops out of the wires, and literally 4 minutes later,  I had 6 loops in my hands. 🙂

And if you’re wondering whether the friend loved it or not, he did ❤ What’s more, the other three friends were green with envy. And I sat there, pretty much bouncing on my chair with excitement :p

Anyway. The point is that this is what I want to do. Now and (hopefully) forever. Because it makes people happy. And that makes me happier. Making little things that make people smile, at least that very minute that they see, right in front of their very eyes, the unquantifiable love I feel for them. That minute that they realize that yes, I would actually spend a ridiculous amount of time on creating something so supremely frivolous, just to put a smile on their face, to make their day just that little bit better.

So here I am, raising my (invisible) glass to Hugs & Crafts, and #riseofthelazies, who feels exactly the same way as me.


October 18 is National Chocolate Cupcake Day

Celebrate with a cupcake…TODAY!

Foodimentary - National Food Holidays

Here are today’s five thing to know about Cupcake:

  1.  Cupcake liners do more than make it easy to remove them from the pan. Traditionally, sides of tins are greased for easy removal, but also floured because the batter needs to have something to cling to. A cupcake liner takes care of both.
  2. On August 15, 2009 broke the world record for largest cupcake ever made. The cupcake was 1,224 pounds, 4 foot tall by 10 foot wide, and had 2 million calories.
  3. One of the most popular cupcake bakery’s in the U.S. is Crumbs in New York City. They have reported $23.5 million in cupcake revenue last year alone!
  4. The first mention of a cupcake recipe goes as far back as 1796. Amelia Simms wrote a recipe in “American Cookery” which referenced, “a cake to be baked in small cups”.
  5.  However, it wasn’t until 1828 that the actual…

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Bundle of Cuteness? Yep, that’s her.

You know when there’s this person that you come across that you think is completely wonderful in every possible way imaginable, and you just want to spend your life with them doing all the awesome things that you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do but just wanted that P-E-R-F-E-C-T partner to do those things with?

Yeah, well. I met that person. And no, this is no recent incident that I’m talking about. It happened forever ago and it’s taken me this long to write about it because I’ve only just realized that they’re THAT person. Oh, and also because I’ve only just started this whole blogging malarkey, heehee.

If you’re wondering who that person is, wonder no more. I am about to disclose this absolutely earth-shattering (not) news in…three seconds…two…right now: it’s my Auntay Auntayyyyy. Who is she? She’s my oldest best friend’s mom. And no, it’s not creepy. Even though there times when I do sort of, kinda, think that if it wasn’t for that Certain Someone, I would totally totally marry Auntayy. I mean, really. She’s just perfect! For one, she cooks the yummiest biryani, and that in itself is enough to make anyone want to get down on their knees and propose. But then there are a billion other amazing things about her that make her just so adorable that you just wanna diiiiie. Like, my mom, for instance, is interested in my artsy craftsy stuff and she might even be encouraging at times. But that’s as far as it goes. And then there’s Auntayy. She is just the sweetest person to have around when you’re being crafty. She’s all excited and super interested and is running around trying to get us the stuff that we might need and coming up with her own ideas wherever we get stuck and it just gets too cute for words. At least, you know, for me ^^ And it’s not like she is only interested in the crafts that we do. She does plenty on her own! Only very recently, she made this CUTEST quilt for her grand-niece. She sewed together, like, four different kinds of cloth in a crisscross pattern or something and it turned out to be so cuuute because she cut out a Tweety Bird from one of her daughters’ old bedspreads and stuck it on the quilt and everything and it was so pretty that I wanted to have a baby right then and there. Okay, I admit, that was a bit creepy. Just a little bit.



OH, BUT THE BEST PART? She’s, like the best ever shopping buddy I could ever have, like, in a million gazillion years. Even the Certain Someone sort of gets exasperated and bored and starts to drag me away from the stuff and makes that face which says OMG STOP EMBARASSING ME. But Auntayyy, she likes to buy everything that I do!! Like, the other day, she went out and bought ice cube trays. Only they weren’t any ordinary ice cube trays. Or even ice cube trays, for that matter. She bought – and I kid you not – ice SPHERE trays which are THE most adorable things I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. And I’m not exaggerating. Promise. Cross my heart and swear to die. I mean, c’mon, who wants boring ol’ ice cubes when you can get little ice balls which look exactly like lollipops. Without the sticks, of course.

ice-balls. (pun unintended *ahem*)

(pun unintended *ahem*)

And another day, she went out and bought the funkiest place mats for her dining table. Only guess what she did with them? She hung them up on the wall, and they made such amazing wall hangings, that I just wanted to put my arms around her and weep till she agreed to marry me, or at least adopt me as her third daughter.  And then she has all those amazing crafts ideas which are SO MUCH FUN and and and *crumples into a big heap on the floor trying to express everything but failing to find the right words*

Okay, so she is a bit, you know, particular and sort of over-protective. Like, she wouldn’t let us travel in public transport alone. And she used to have this thing about being too close (literally and otherwise) to friends of the opposite sex. But then, that are moms for you. I mean, it’s practically a part of the job description, to worry and fret and be paranoid about everything. And to be fair, she’s mellowed down quite a bit, if her acceptance of #riseofthelazies’ The One is anything to go by.

Oh, and did I mention this other check-pinchingly cute thing about her? She CRUSHES ON THIS TOTALLY HOT ACTOR AND IS COMPLETELY ADORABLE ABOUT IT. So, me and #riseofthelazies went t McDonald’s and there were these papers on the trays that they serve in? You know, sort of like a promotional adverts-y paper that covers their trays? Yeah, so that paper happened to be a McDonald’s ad which had that hot dude in it and obviously, #riseofthelazies took it home for her mom, and GUESS WHAT SHE DID WITH IT? She put it up on the fridge in her kitchen. Yes, she did.

he's hotter than it seems in this picture, I promise you.

he’s hotter than it seems in this picture, I promise you.

Let’s just say that she is a bundle of cuteness. From the way she serves tea in this formal manner even though it’s just me and not any fussy formal guest, to the way she chops her carrots when she’s cooking Chinese (SHE DOESN’T JUST CHOP THEM IN ROUND CIRCLES BUT ACTUALLY CHOPS THEM IN THIS SQUIGGLY SHAPE WHICH A CROSS BETWEEN A FLOWER AND A WHEEL AND OMG DON’T YOU JUST LOVE HER??)


If the Certain Someone had half these quirky qualities, I’d point a gun at them and force them to marry me NOW.

Well, if had a gun I would point it at Certain Someone and force them to marry me right now anyway, quirky qualities or not. Because, let’s face it: you gotta do what you gotta do.


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